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Hi, I’m Jason, Owner and Photographer of Jason Parnell Photography. I am a keen and positive person with lots of enthusiasm not just in photography but in everyday life. I’d love to say I'm a married man with wonderful children etc but unfortunately good things come to those who I've been told. I have dog called Cooper and he is an American Akita, the softest pup you have ever seen! He's my best mate and my little mascot

Well the saying "good things come to those who wait" kind of came true in another aspect. I've waited so long to go self-employed and in august (2018 after starting up in 2012) I made a big change and quit my job to take up photography full time.... Yes I’m not going to lie very scary but I have great friends around me that show a lot of support.

As a self-taught photographer you will find that I have my own unique touch to photography in which I pride myself upon, I find inspiration from anywhere.

One thing I love about photography is meeting new people, and looking forward to the next job as every job is different in its own way, you never know where it’s going to lead. I get asked a lot what subject in photography do you love shooting the most? Well I can’t answer that as I love it all, I really don't have a preference as long as I’m behind that camera so no one sees my face haha. Joking aside I really do love a great variation.